As part of my role with Places for People I helped to develop Cirrus, a system to help organisations record complaints quickly and efficiently. The system was designed in response to changes to how complaints have to be recorded by Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) in Scotland. This change meant that all RSLs had to log frontline complaints or expressions of dissatisfaction. Cirrus provided that solution as it was easy to use, designed with built in performance indicators, KPIs and reporting.

Now at version 2, the system has been completely redesigned. It is now built on Bootstrap and features a number of improvements, such as an easy-to-read dashboard of stats and a built-in reporting system.

Cirrus was nominated for the ‘Most Innovative Software’ award at the ‘Housing Innovation Awards 2013′.

“Within the first month we identified problems that had been on-going for some time. We were able to deal with these issues much more quickly than under the old recording system”