I have recently discovered the wonderful CSS preprocessor that is Sass. For a long time I shyed away from pre-processors such as Sass and LESS, thinking that vanilla CSS was the purest way to do it, but now I would consider it the first place to start on any new project.

The new look Valley Church website is my first live project that uses compiled CSS from Sass. The version 2 theme was completely rebuilt from the ground up as a small challenge for myself—one that I believe was a good one to take as it allowed me to completely delve into the world of Sass (and to a lesser extent, Compass).

The Sass and Compass websites are excellent starting points, as are resources from Harry Roberts and this article from A List Apart.

If you want to take a look at how I write my Sass, take a look at the CSS for this site, or the new Valley Church site. Harry Roberts’ work has been a huge influence on me, so I’d suggest giving him a follow on Twitter.

NB: I chose Sass over LESS purely because I preferred the nesting and indenting syntax, as well as the use of ampersands.

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