Design in the Open

In the past 10 or so years of me working on things for the web, I have been so thankful for people who have contributed to allow me to do what I do.



Capture complaints. Improve customer satisfaction. Drive service improvement.

FoundationNavWalker for WordPress

Zurb’s Foundation rocks. It’s a really simple framework to quickly build sites on, with less basic styling than Bootstrap, and one of my favourite things is the built in off-canvas menu.


I have recently discovered the wonderful CSS preprocessor that is Sass.

Faster page loading with Pronto

More and more sites are now using HTML5’s pushState to speed up page loading.

Active Directory in .NET

This little snippet from Ian Atkinson really helped me when I was trying to update a user’s Active Directory details from my work’s corporate intranet.

Jekyll and GitHub Pages

For a long time I’ve been putting off trying out something entirely new when it comes to programming.